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The Iconic
Celia Cruz

Celia Cruz is the most iconic Latina female singer to date. Her legacy and musical influence goes beyond frontiers and generations. It is truly an honor and privilege for Collector-IO to work with the estate of Celia Cruz.

We want to pay tribute and honor her countless contributions as well as invite future generations who are ready to discover the lasting and timeless impact Celia Cruz had as a true icon and cultural ambassador of Latin music across the globe.

Celia Cruz
NFT Collection

The Celia Cruz NFT Collection will be a curated display of historical items, mementos from never before seen videos, pictures and memorabilia. 

The NFT collection will have a unique selection of 3D objects and digital wearables, all while telling the Celia Cruz story.

Celia Cruz Avatar and Experiences

From mixed reality educational experiences to live shows in the metaverse and beyond.

The Celia Cruz Avatar is a new way to experience Celia while giving her a voice to a whole new generation in ways people could only imagine.

What is

Collector-IO is a pure web3 NFT minting decentralized application (dApp).

All blurring the lines between music and gaming with a hybrid of offerings and products from digital memorabilia collectibles, interactive experiences, AR/VR applications, virtual performances and metaverses.

We believe it is time to re-shape the future of music!

Boutique NFT

Collector-IO is an NFT marketplace that features highly-collectable and hand-selected NFTs from your favorites music, fashion, and graphic artists in the form of Audio, 3D Objects, 3D Wearables, Video Collectibles, and interactive experiences in small runs to accompany each artist’s vision and universe.


Legacity is a gamified virtual experience that takes you back in time to the most iconic moments of your favorite artists.
Inside this musicverse you will have multiple unique worlds.

Our first world will be salsity!

Salsity is a magical destination made of the most iconic and historic moments from the golden age of the salsa music era. Step into this world and experience for the first time ever a powerful cultural experience and representation for the Latino community in the metaverse.

Collector App

Immerse yourself in XR/AR interactive experiences with your favorite artist, explore, play and win.

A New Way to
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Collector-IO Avatar & Motion Capture Collections.
Made in Partnership with Noitom International,
leader in motion capture technology.



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