Collector IO Allowlist Confirmation Banner of a young man floating in the metaverse

Keep a close eye on your email inbox! You will receive  instructions on how to complete and confirm your whitelisting process.

What to expect?

Your email will have “subscribe me” button. Click on this button to complete your whitelisting process. We do this to prevent any bots or malicious individuals from joining our community.

What is an allowlist? I’ve heard of “whitelisting”, is this the same?

“Allowlisting” or “whitelisting” is just a simple process for us to verify your email. By joining our allowlist, you will receive access to drops before the general public and receive first beta access to our platform.

What is the allowlist process?

Its very simple. We ask you to follow us on Instagram or Twitter and to send us a DM with your email. You must make sure to click on the “subscribe me to this list” button. We will then verify our DMs in Instagram and Twitter to match your email. If you don’t click on the button or if you don’t send us a DM, your email will not be verified and you will not receive our emails.

How can I stop receiving email from Collector-IO?

You can click the link at the bottom of any email we send to instantly and securely unsubscribe.

How can I ensure I receive your emails?

Sometimes, specially the first email, can go directly to your junk email folder. You can help us reach your inbox every time by taking a few seconds right now to add our email address to your contacts or safe sender list.

Is my information secure?

We value your privacy and use a variety of security measures to protect your personal information.

I have more questions!

Email us at for any questions or concerns. You can also reach us by clicking “Contact” on the menu and filling out the contact form.